Angry Birds Landing in Tokyo

Rovio held two events of official Angry Birds birthday in Tokyo on December 11.

The first is in Harajuku SoLaDo.

It seemed to be the event which advertizes it towards people who do not know Angry Birds yet. Harajuku is one of the hottest towns that send Japanese culture. Harajuku SoLaDo is a new shopping spot of Harajuku, and many young girls gather. It is the place where it is most suitable for promotion and marketing. Most of girls who were present here on this day would not know Angry Birds. However, the character of a round form tends to be liked in Japan. Good luck!

The second event was held in Ginza Apple Store.

Rovio Entertainment CMO Peter Vesterbacka gave a speech about the history of Angry Birds and business in the future. The participant of this event had many men. In the last of the event, a man asked a question "After a black bird explodes, what happens to him?" Probably he would want to say in this way "Does the black bird die?". Vesterbacka answered "Angry Birds are magic bird, so revive immediately".

I remembered that it was interesting about Angry Birds. When I recommended my friends Angry Birds, they said. "It seems to be painful" "A bird and a pig are pitiful" "Do birds dash themselves and die? Cruel!" etc...
Of course the negative impression fades away because the game system of Angry Birds is very fun while they play. However, the Japanese tends to be sensitive to "attack". Especially they may be sensitive to a bodily crush attack. In addition, probably, the Japanese do empathy to a character superfluously. It may be better for Angry Birds to advertize prettiness rather than aggressiveness in Japan.

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