[Photo Report]Make: Tokyo Meeting 07

I went to oreilly Japan's DIY event "Make: Tokyo Meeting 07" today.
 I love this event. My inspiration springs out when I go to this event.

The 3D printer which was made with an clear acrylic board. It becomes not only the 3D printer but also the cool interior.

 Hammock for geeks. These are hammocks made with LAN cables "LANmock".

 Radioactivity crisis enlightenment balloons.

Many people gather for this event every time. Children, students, families, old people etc... every kind of people come here. Are all of them geeks or DIY lovers?  

Oreilly's Capsule toy vending machine.

 Geek girl makes the fake sweets LED light.

 Programming workshop for children.

There were a lot of particularly handmade musical instrument and 3D printers this time.

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