GREE released a prepaid card

GREE sells a prepaid card from today in Seven-Eleven.

The price are 1500 yen and 5000 yen two types.

The prepaid card does not have popularity somehow in Japan. When I went to U.S., I watched that many kinds of prepaid cards were sold at a toy shop, drugstore and convenience store. However, main prepaid cards sold in Japan are iTunes card, Nintendo card, PSN cards of Sony. Probably this is because mobile payment and e-money completely spread in Japan. Why GREE release a prepaid card this time? I think this is smartphone measures.

By the way, I may always think about a prepaid card. It is a "design" of the cards. A prepaid card has no business, if a serial code is inputted by a website. However, it is a waste of it. For example, how about putting a prepaid card and the factor of trading card together? After having input a serial cord, users can play with a prepaid card. In addition, they can enjoy the collection of card, too. Furthermore, how about adding AR contents to a prepaid card? I think that there is still room for much improvement in a prepaid card.

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