[Photo Report] Rovio's reception party of Angry Birds in Embassy of Finland

On November 30, Rovio held a reception party of Angry Birds at a embassy of Finland in Japan.

The garden of the embassy was decorated in stuffed toys of Angry Birds. KAWAII! :)

Furthermore, the room was full of stuffed toys, too.

iittala & Angrt Birds

Angry Birds big Christmas tree

At the party, such a cute sweets were distributed.

Angry Birds cupcake! Of course we were able to eat characters.

He is Henri Holm, SVP Asia

He is Harri Koponen, Director of Merchandising

As a special guest Foreign Trade Minister of Finland, Mr. Alexander Stubb came(He visits Japan by the inspection of the stricken area of Tōhoku earthquake now).  According to him, he is a huge fan of Angry Birds. He said, "Rovio is one of the ventures that are the hottest in Finland now. Angry Birds is a new Finnish representative character."

There are a lot of rivals of the characters who are cute(Kawaii) in Japan. It is necessary for Angry Birds to do an intense battle with them. Good luck!

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