GREE released trading card game "Siegkrone"

Before, I wrote that GREE entered the trading card game business.

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GREE enters the trading card business

It is live now. They held a press presentation to release. These are photos at that time.

 The illustrations of cards are made from the artwork of the GREE's social games. However, they will release the cards of other contents such as the popular anime in future. In the beginning, They release a card pack of "Attack on Titan(進撃の巨人)" in September.

Of course they let a trading card game link a smartphone and social games. They list serial number in a card pack, and when players input it in a social game, they can get the virtual card same as a real card in a social game. Many games and virtual spaces have already practiced this technique. They apply it by a trading card game.

Furthermore, they release smartphone apps to assist the play of the trading card game. Trading card games  are always haunted by troublesome calculations. So, they release apps having a convenient electronic calculator function and battle log preservation function.

And they adopt an original rule. It is to use the smartphone as one piece of card. We make an original virtual card using various images and can use it in a game. GREE delivers images for virtual cards regularly, but we can use own illustrations and photos.

The card packs have been already sold in shops. GREE holds events throughout Japan from now on.


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