This is Japan: Battle simulation game of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces

An official site of battle simulation game Furusato Jieitai(ふるさと自衛隊: Hometown and Self-Defense Forces) for smartphones that the Japanese Self-Defense Forces cooperated entirely opened. This has not been yet released, but accepts pre-registration now.

I write it once again. The Japanese Self-Defense Forces cooperated entirely. This is right the Japanese.

The game system is a pure J-style card battle. Payers become a commander, put the cards of various armaments of the Self-Defense Forces together, organize one's military unit and fight between players.

Photos of armaments of the real Self-Defense Forces are used in cards. All the data are based on the real, too.

In addition to them, the player can enjoy the changing clothes of the adjutant. The uniforms of adjutants reproduce the uniform of real woman self-defense officials. Players can change their uniform depending on a season. Possibly there may be more players falling into this than a battle.

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