SEGA does a haiku for a game

Haiku is a very short form of Japanese poetry. It is comprised of words of the 5 sound/7 sound/5 sound, and got close to many people. However, most of modern youths do not assume it a hobby. Therefore SEGA started a project to make a haiku a game "project 575".

They promote the making of haiku of the youth by this project. For the first, they released game application UTA YOMI 575 for iOS.

UTA YOMI 575 is the apps that is made to speak a haiku by characters of the high school girl. Characters are 3D, voices are VOCALOID. Furthermore, users can post the movie of characters to the Japanese video sharing site Nico Nico Douga. This is new style of UGC.

SEGA releases music, manga, novel, anime, PlayStation Vita games and carries out cross-media development from now on.

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