Gungho is not only Puzzle & Dragons. They released "Freak Tower" in North America and Europe

Japan's Gungho is known in puzzle RPG for smartphones "Puzzle & Dragons". However, their smartphone game is not only that. They released tower management simulation game "Freak Tower"(Japanese name: Crazy Tower) in North America and Europe.

Freak Tower is the simulation game that a management game and a tower defense game were combined. Players become the tower owner, let strange residents enter and run the various shops in a own tower. Furthermore, players can decorate a tower and change the clothes of residents (Factor of the decorations is very popular in Japan).

Strange monsters occasionally attack a tower and players repulse this in cooperation with residents. It is right "tower defense".

This has already broken through 1,300,000 downloading in Japan. This is the number that is small if we compare it with puzzle & Dragons. However, this is originally a successful number in Japan. In addition, they released this last month in Korea.

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