Messaging apps LINE broke through 200 million users

To be frank, I thought that the growth of LINE slowed down after this when I wrote this article in January.

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However, my expectations were largely wrong.

LINE is released in June, 2011 and is popular now in Taiwan, Thailand, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Spain, India and South America as well as Japan. They break through 150 million users on April 30, 2013 when it is approximately 23 months from release, and extend popularity led by youths.
According to them, users increase rapidly in India, Philippines, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Peru. They helped 200 million user breakthroughs and LINE got 100 million users newly in a half year. In addition, the ratio of iOS : Android is by half.

They promote the localization every each country from now on. They intend to provide the official accounts and stickers which reflected regionality and culture to users of each country.

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