Let's dance Bon festival dance with avatar at pedestrian scramble of Shibuya

pedestrian scramble of Shibuya is one of the sightseeing spots of Tokyo. Japanese tech giant Cyber Agent carries out an interesting project using their virtual world Ameba Pigg there.

It is Bon festival dance with avatars on huge screen.

Bon festival is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one's ancestors, and Bon festival dance is a dance to cheer up souls of dead people. These are still summer big events in current Japan. Ameba Pigg reproduces this in real Shibuya.

When Ameba users input own Ameba ID in this page (PC/Smartphone). Their avatars come up on huge screen of Shibuya and dancing. Very simple! This event is held until July 31.

It is a schedule of the huge screen.


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