Tsum Tsum, the popular mobile game of Disney and LINE becomes the arcade game in Japan

In Japan, the example that popular mobile games become the arcade games seems to be established. Konami digital entertainment announced that they made "LINE: Tsum Tsum" an arcade game.

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LINE: Tsum Tsum is a puzzle game for smartphones which LINE and Disney Japan offer. Its motif is stuffed toy TSUM TSUM sold in Disney store, and passes 20 million downloading in the global market.

The basic rule of Tsum Tsum of the arcade version does not change from a smartphone version. However, it has not only the single play mode but also the match mode and players can get the Tsum Tsum mascot of the limited version after a play. This is not sold in Disney store.

This is a very interesting measure that put a crane game and an arcade game together. Even the people who do not usually play mobile games may visit the game arcade for these mascots. Noe, Japanese game arcades function as society ground of elderly people(Because declining birthrate goes rapidly and children are becoming poverty in Japan). This is the new advertising opportunity of Disney and LINE.

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