Translimit's "BrainWars" is a new Japanese mobile game that succeeds in global

Today, Japanese startup Translimit announced that their mobile game "BrainWars" passed 5 million downloading. As such, it is not rare news. A characteristic of this is that 95% of players are foreigners. This is very rare in the Japanese mobile game market. Besides, they do not use the advertisements at all, and got players only by word of mouth.

BrainWars is Real-Time Concentration Battling app playing various mini-games that a brain power is trained. Puzzles Crosswords, Sudoku, etc...Mini-games are only the simple rules that even children can play, and do not depend on specific languages, knowledge, and the culture. Players can face other players of the world without using the languages. Probably these were popular with foreign players.
They released an iOS version in this May and released an Android version in September. Since then, it got the first place by AppStore game ranking of U.S. and was picked up in AppStore of the world. This becomes the popular game app abroad than Japan now.

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