Angry Birds cooperates with GungHo's Puzzle & Dragons again

Rovio cooperates with GungHo's popular mobile game Puzzle & Dragons again following November of the last year. This time is Angry Birds Epic.

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Dungeon of Angry Birds Epic appears in Puzzle & Dragons from October 20 ~ November 2. Pigs of the Angry Birds Epic version appear as enemies there, and background design and BGM are used from Angry Birds Epic. On the other hand, players can get birds of the RPG-style.

In addition, this is cross-collaboration, a tie-up stage of Puzzle & Dragons is added to Angry Birds Epic in a few days. These are carried out in a global region as well as Japan.

This is cognitive activity in next Japan of Angry Birds. When Angry Birds Epic was released, Rovio opened a site only for Japan and carried out a campaign only for Japan. However, unfortunately Angry Birds does not yet get more popularity in Japan.

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In Japan, it is important that mobile games continue being always active lively. Because there are too many rivals in and a trendy change is intense.

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