Japanese mobile game company Spicy Soft introduces a system of 3-days off a week

What kind of thing do you imagine about the labor circumstances of Japanese companies? Nonsense custom and rule? Strict hierarchical relationship? Overtime work? Gender discrimination? Racial discrimination? Sexual harassment? Power harassment? Bullying? Violation of labor law? Unfortunately all of them are facts. Probably the Japanese labor circumstances is the most inferior in developed countries. Meanwhile, Japanese mobile game company Spicy Soft introduces an interesting welfare program system. This is "3-days off a week".

Usually, Japanese companies are system of 2-days off a week. However, Spicy Soft stops work on Wednesday as well as the weekend. Besides, the amount of salary of staff does not decrease. In other words, a day was fixed, but increased in the paid vacation of staff. They test this October 1, 2014 - February, 2015, and if there is not a problem, this becomes their official company regulations. They demand understanding and cooperation to business partners. If this is received, some Japanese labor circumstances may change.

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