Puzzle & Dragons way: Mixi's mobile game Monster Strike becomes the arcade game

mixi chases a success example of Puzzle and Dragons. They make their popular mobile game Monster Strike an arcade game with Konami digital entertainment and release it in the next spring.

Now, Monster Strike is a popular mobile game next to Puzzle and Dragons in Japan. It passed 14 million downloading from release in one year, released in not only Japan but also Taiwan, and go into the U.S. in the end of this year. mixi was a social networking company of the biggest in Japan once, but it deteriorated, and mixi at death's door. However, the situation changed completely by a hit of Monster Strike. This is the power of the mobile games.

Monster Strike is the game that add the element of the RPG for an action game such as the pinball or billiards. New characters and new stages are drawn on the arcade game while being made from an app version. It is right technique like the arcade games of Puzzle and Dragons.

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