Screenshot: Angry Birds Epic in Puzzle and Dragons

A tie-up event with Angry Birds Epic began on today in Puzzle and Dragons.

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Angry Birds Epic dungeons of 4 levels are added to Puzzle and Dragons now. Interestingly, both birds and pigs confronts players as enemies. Matilda is a powerful enemy than Red in the early stages :)

However, Red and the Chuck become  powerful enemies in the high level of the degree of difficulty.

Of course powerful enemies of the pig appear, too.

Theme music of Angry Birds are used for BGM and all the scenery of dungeon are drawn in 3D.

We can occasionally get them when we beat them. They have skills like Angry Birds Epic.

This is a good measure to prevent Japanese players from forgetting Angry Birds. By the way, Angry Birds Transformers is not released only in Japan now and it is not announced why it is not released. Why?? Though Transformers is a toy born in Japan.

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