Japan's national public channel NHK showed 360-degree contents of The great Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami

March 11 is a memorial day of The great Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. Five years passed, but the rehabilitation is behind the original plan, and many people still suffer. We must not let memory of  this disaster weather.
Today, Japan's national public broadcasting organization NHK showed interesting data. They showed images and videos that took scenery of the disaster-stricken area with a 360-degree camera.


The most of these ruins are in the places that became restricted residence area by a nuclear plant accident. As for them, time stops before five years.

For example, there were ever 125 kids in this kindergarten. Fortunately, all of them were saved because they evacuated immediately, but they could not go to this kindergarten again.

It is a large office in a mess a little. Town's emergency management headquarters was established here only  March 11, 2011. However, all residents of the town evacuated on next day.

Unfortunately this site has only Japanese. However, it is easy to see videos and images if you are used to VR contents.

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