The man who stole game characters of Monster Strike was arrested

According to Japan's Sankei News, the 33-year-old jobless man who lives in Osaka and stole rare characters of mixi's popular mobile game Monster Strike using cheating software was arrested. This is a crime called "illegal production of private electromagnetic record" in Japan.
He downloaded cheating software from the Internet and stole three kinds of rare characters from Monster Strike using it. Furthermore, he made three kinds of characters a set and sold it on Internet auction for about 1,500yen(about 13USD). He earned 4,400,000yen(about 38,720USD) by this criminal technique from last April through this February. He accepts a crime and tells that he fed his family by selling game characters.
The Hyogo Prefectural Police cybercrime measures section found his crime in the cyberpatrol which they carried out in last December.

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