Air cleaner which can exterminate mosquitoes

Air cleaner absorbs dirty air and exhaust clean air. SHARP paid attention to this function and developed Air cleaner which can capture mosquitoes without using chemists. The mosquitoes are drawn to ultraviolet rays, like black, and want to be covered in the dark and the shade. They adopted these in a design of Air cleaner. The body of this is black, has UV lights emitting ultraviolet rays and plural small windows. When mosquitoes near it, it absorbs them with dirty air and capture them with an adhesion sheet. Because chemists is unnecessary as for this, families having infants, elderly, or pets can use this in peace.
Originally SHARP released this in the ASEAN countries from September, 2015, but they sell it in Japan from April 23. It is important that they release this before summer begins. Because the spread of epidemics by mosquitoes is a social problem in Japan also.

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