Gungho confront Pokemon GO by new geolocation apps "Puzz-Dra Radar"

Puzzle & Dragons is a Gungho's popular mobile game. It passed 40 million downloading in Japan in this month. However, they add a newer element to this. They released geolocation application "Puzz-Dra Radar(パズドラレーダー)" in conjunction with Puzzle & Dragons. The downloading is free(iOS/Android), but can use it now only in Japan.

This is geolocation treasure hunt application using the GPS of smartphones. Players can collect various virtual items in this application using positional information in the movement of the reality world, and can change them for challenge rights of special dungeon and special monsters in Puzzle & Dragons. This is similar to general geolocation mobile games. In Japan, geolocation mobile games was popular from the futurephones era. In addition, Nintendo and Niantic develop geolocation mobile game of of the Pokemon series "Pokémon GO". Of course Gungho will mind this.

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