Compact earphone which prevents oversleeping

It is everyday scenes in Japan that people doze in commuter trains, and you might have overslept in a train if you were the worker who worked in a busy city in Japan. Stationery company King Jim released a simple and convenient alarm earphone.

 This earphone has vibrating motors and wakes up users by stimulating the ear of users directly. Users can use "Alarm mode" that set the time when they must to get up and "Timer mode" that set the time in minutes. When you get up in the morning, Alarm mode is convenient and When you get on a train, Timer mode is required. For example, when you must get on a train to the destination for 30 minutes, if you set it in Timer mode for 30 minutes, you do not pass the destination even if you doze off by any chance. Users can choose vibration among three phases, and of course this earphone functions as a common earphone also with smartphones, tablets and audio players. One AAA alkaline battery is necessary for this and users can use this for about six months. The price is 6480 yen(tax included).

via http://www.kingjim.co.jp/sp/nmr10/

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