NAMCO opens VR amusement facilities "VR ZONE Project i Can" in Tokyo on April 15

NAMCO opens VR amusement facilities "VR ZONE Project i Can" in the DiverCity Tokyo 3F on April 15. But it's limitation for half a year and Only people who made a reservation online can enter it. Unfortunately under 13 years old cannot enter it.

"VR ZONE Project i Can" is VR arcade for adults, we can enjoy various contents using VR, and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment develops the contents. The contents that they plan now are six kinds. Walking over the board which stuck out on the high-rise building, cliff precipice ski, car racing, horror escape the room, driving of the train, and driving of the huge robot. Play times are 6min ~ 14min and play fees are 700yen ~ 1000yen. However, we cannot pay them in real coins. We must realize e-money of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment "Bana Coin" of  before entering there.

They start entrance registration in web site on April 8 12:00. Demonstrations of VR contents are popular always anywhere in Japan. However, the people must wait for a long time because VR are too popular. They want to solve it in permanent amusement facilities and registration. But unfortunately the text of the web site is only Japanese. Foreign tourists who want to experience these, please use the translation sites!


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