Nintendo's first mobile apps Miitomo passed 1M downloading from release in only 3 days in Japan

Nintendo released their first mobile application Miitomo this month in Japan. Naturally it became the big topic and passed 1 million downloading from release in only three days. They release this at the end of this month in a global market if on schedule, but do not announce the concrete date.

First of all this is not game application. Players can make own avatar Mii, coordinate it with various fashion items and make funny images. Mii does various questions to players, when players reply them, informations are accumulated. This is avatar Social Networking Service rather than game application, and may be a rival of LINE PLAY(LINE's mobile virtual world).

 At first players choose the area where oneself lives in.

 Next, input the date of birth.

 Time to make Mii! Players can choose various parts and make Mii, but this has a function to generate Mii automatically from selfie. This is very simple.

Own Mii was completed at last.

This has original virtual currency Miitomo coins. Players can get it by achieving missions(ex, reply questions of Mii) in application.

The fashion items which Mii wears first are too simple. At first let's purchase new fashion items.

The rare fashion items are available by the mini-game such as the pinball. However, this is very difficult.

Furthermore, players put expressions, poses, background images of Mii together, make funny images and can share them in other sites such as Facebook. It is just like the camera application.

Sometimes friend's Mii come to own room, but because this is the social networking service that is async, the real-time chat is impossible. The Miis only share the information that they can show.

This is very easy avatar service. It may be comfortable for the people who were tired from messaging application, Facebook and Twitter.

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