D3 PUBLISHER became the topic at Tokyo Game Show 2014 by interesting booth

Large-scale showy booths, sexy booth babes and cute character suits are institution of Tokyo Game Show. In particular, the designs of the booths are very worth seeing. Japanese game company D3 PUBLISHER became the topic by the design of an interesting booth this time.

What a COOL booth! I think that the guy who hit on this must be a genius.

This is a demo kiosk of action game for PS4 OneeChanbara Z2 CHAOS, the latest Oneechanbara title(This is R18 game. There is an age confirmation message in the top page in Japanese). Players insert their heads into a gigantic pair of breasts to play this game.

This is the sexy & violence game that beautiful women in a sexy bikini kill zombies with Katana. Because it has sexual expression and cruel expression, it receive the severest censorship in the Japanese game industry. In Tokyo Game Show, such the games must hide play screens.

D3 PUBLISHER rather utilized this regulation. The play screens were surely hidden, and they were able to get effectiveness of advertising more than it at time when they showed play screens. Do regulation and the censorship make game industry boring? No! We can overcome them by cool ideas.

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