Is booth babes sexism? Suck! Tokyo Game Show has hot booth boys

Are booth babes in the trade show discrimination against women? I think that it is SUCK whenever I watch this opinion. The reason why you think that booth babes are discrimination against women is that there is only "babes". If there are booth "boys"? It is right gender equality.

Voltage is one of the Japanese main mobile game developers and release many romance sim for women. They exhibited Tokyo Game Show 2014 secondary to last year.

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They made their booth huger this year and it was completely optimized for women.

Many women came here and it became the topic, and even men visited and became prosperous very well.

The cause of the topic is them - hot and cute booth boys!

Voltage appointed booth boys last year, but increased them more this year(There were even models from foreign country). They expressed the appearance of romance sim titles in each booth and Visitors were able to really experience the atmosphere of the games. They treated visitors more than 5,000 in four days. This expresses demand of booth boys.

In addition, Sunsoft(They release mobile romance sims for women, too) exhibited an interesting booth, too.

They are not boys, cool "girls" dressed as boys. Sunsoft cooperated with male attire cafe Re.sty and appointed them as booth "boys". They were popular from the both sides of men and women, and naturally it became the topic.

Booth babes, booth boys, cool girls dressed as boys, and cute boys dressed as girls... It is a true gender equality that there are all of them.

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