Japanese farming social game PiggLife cooperates with Moomin

PiggLife is Japanese farming social game linking virtual world Ameba Pigg, and cooperated with various characters many times. Their partner of this time is Finnish popular character Moomin.

moomin is right "Big in Japan". A theme park of Moomin will open next year in Japan.

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In this tie-up event, players can cultivate Cloudberry in own field and can cook menus of Moomin using them.

Berry Latte of Moomin is the menu which players can cook first. When players clear quests, they become able to cook a pancake and a cake of Moomin.

Furthermore, the special area that reproduced a house of Moomin and tent of Snufkin opens. Cute stuffed toy is displayed on railing of the bridge!

Players can get various items of Moomin when they clear quests. They are designed really cutely and seem to raise a login rate of players.

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