New sale technique of virtual goods in Japan: game items are attached when you buy real curry

Another pleasure of Tokyo Game Show is a food area. There have many gourmet booths and you can enjoy various local foods in Japan.

In addition, in a recent tendency, the foods cooperating with games increase.

The shops make menus about game titles and sell these to game fans. It is right a way of enjoying only in Tokyo Game Show.

 This is curry of Japanese MMO for smartphones LogresAiming of the online game / mobile game developer cooperated with the go-go curry of a famous curry shop chain, and sold the curry which assumed their mobile games a motif(Because a print sheet is rice paper , we can eat this).

One curry is 1,000 yen(About 9USD). You may think it's so expensive. However, virtual goods of three kinds of mobile games are attached to it. Because the cash value of virtual goods is approximately 2,000 yen, as a result, it is reasonable. Besides, the curry is delicious! :) This is the means that is good to get new fans of game titles.

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