Let's fall in love with scary creature boys! funny Japanese romance sim for women

For men or for women, anyway Japan have a lot of romance sims. In Japan, it is not a unusual case to fall in love with something except the human being. You can experience even the love with the scary creature school girl.

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Let's fall in love with scary creature in an Japanese indie game

Then, can we fall in love with scary creature school boy?---The answer is "Yes". Japanese indie game team nostalgia released new romance sim "Let's fall in love with creature! for girls" today. Free download is here(*Japanese. For Win XP/VISTA 32bit/VISTA 64bit/7 32bit/7 64bit).

nostalgia released "Let's fall in love with creature -Kokonoekokoro-" in last November and became the topic. Afterwards, they received demands of development "for girls" from many users.

In this game, a human being is only a heroine. Her friends, teachers, boyfriend candidates, everybody are scary creatures. One of the boyfriend candidates has a face such as Bathynomus giganteus and likes playing the electric guitar. On the other hand, another boyfriend candidate is like the creature of Cthulhu Mythos and has many eyes. However, he wears glasses and looks intellectual. Which do you like?

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