LINE sticker finding new talent. Even 7-year-old kids

Japanese tech media ITmedia shows a cool episode.

LINE Creators Market is the market place that users of message application LINE can sell with own illustrations as a LINE sticker. Many housewives, students and office workers draw LINE stickers as a hobby and a side business in Japan. Most of them do not receive education about the art.

Hanaka of a 7 years old girl living in Tokyo is one in them. She draws illustrations of the cuttlefish, and it was used by celebrities and became the unexpected topic.

It will be difficult to devise the design of one set/40 kinds of LINE sticker even in adults. However, Hanaka says "it was easy". Hanaka draws illustrations well in home and a school and they are popular among her classmates and neighboring adults. Her father thinks that the illustrations of his daughter are interesting and he wanted to send them to relatives with a messenger. However, LINE Creators Market opened in this February. He knows it and thought to make illustrations of his daughter LINE sticker. He says "I only wanted to show off my daughter's illustrations. It's doting parents".

Hanaka's cuttlefish sticker was sold in LINE Creators Market on April 17. Her relatives and friends purchased it at first, but popular model Yura talked in Twitter about using Hanaka's stickers in the beginning of June. In August, popular pop singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu used these. too.

Furthermore, the uncle of Hanaka Taisuke Fukuno(He is CEO of Japanese tech startup jig.jp) wrote an article about her sticker on his blog, and the reaction spread more.

As a result of these, she earns 10,000 yen(about 9.5USD), and bought a cool bicycle. She is full of creative enthusiasm, and she makes the octopus sticker now.

via http://www.itmedia.co.jp/news/articles/1409/05/news057.html

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