The Japanese personifies everything, even cars

Battleships, Japanese swords, castles, Sushi, heavy equipments... every thing are personified in Japan.

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Yesterday, Japanese car information site Autoc-one announced that they released the game apps for smartphones "Syanago collection(車なごコレクション)" in this autumn.

Syanago collection is a race game of the Sugoroku(双六: Traditional Japanese board game played with dice. Wikipedia) which personified existing cars. "Syanago" is the coined word that combined "Sya" with "Onago". "Sya" is the Chinese‐style reading(On-yomi: 音読み) of "車" of the kanji to mean a car. (Most of kanji have two different readings of On-yomi and Kun-yomi, which are reflected of sound and meaning. On-yomi is originally from Chinese pronunciation, and Kun-yomi is the translation into Japanese native word). Onago is a Japanese archaic word meaning  women. Players collect the attractive Syanago which personified actual cars, and compete with other players in the race of the sugoroku type.

Interestingly, many Japanese car companies cooperate with this game officially. HONDA, NISSAN, Mazda and MITSUBISHI supervise designs of Syanago.

Of course a lot of other Syanago comes up in this game. I think if overseas car companies participate in this, it will become more fun.

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