Big in Japan: LINE sticker of Moomin broke through 6 million downloading in one week

LINE provides many free stickers as well as paid stickers. A lot of stickers which cooperated with companies are included in them. Last week, Japanese cosmetics brand Orbis carried out the promotion using the free sticker of Finnish character Moomin. They offered free Moomin sticker to LINE users who added their official LINE  account as friends. It made a big success. The free sticker of Moomin broke through 6 million downloading in only one week.

Moomin is very popular in Japan. Because Anime of Moomin were produced originally in Japan, many goods are still sold in fancy goods shops, and Moomin cafes are always full. Speaking of a Finnish character in Japan, it is Moomin than Angry Birds.

According to the press release of Orbis, the free Moomin stickers were used more than 30 million times. All these are numbers only in Japan. The most popular design was Hattifnatt. LINE users liked that they were expressionless and had a wineglass.

I think the stickers of the messaging apps can become the new platform to introduce a character to abroad. The LINE sticker has already played role.

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