Everything becomes cutey in Japan. Even if it is Unity

Unity is a giant of the multi-platform game developement tool. Of course there are many users in Japan. So Unity Technologies established Unity Japan in 2011. And they just began Japan's original development. They are Moe(萌え) and personification of Unity. They provide Japanese original character Unity-Chan to users gratis in 2014.

Unity-Chan("Chan" is familiar title affixed to people's names via Wiktionary) is a free asset and developers can use her for game development. Of course she is not simple asset. She is person that it is like a mascot character of Unity. She has detailed setting and voice.

Real name: Kohaku ootori(大鳥こはく)
Birth date: August 13
Blood type: AO
Favorite food: Curry croquette
Voice actor: Asuka Kakumoto

Her debut is Comic Market 85(Comiket) held in Tokyo Big Sight in 29-31, December. It's the world's biggest Otaku event, and Unity exhibits a booth in these companies area. They sell limited goods of Unity-Chan and appeal to a large number of Otaku for her.

I would like to know the comment of David Helgason about this :)

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