The end of Sekai: AR apps Sekai Camera is over in January

Yesterday, Japanese startup Tonchidot announced that they shut down AR apps "Sekai Camera" on January 22, 2014.

Sekai Camera debuted vividly in TechCrunch 50 of 2008. Sekai Camera became the topic with eccentric personality of former CEO Takahito Iguchi.

Sekai Camera was a pioneer of the Japanese smartphone AR apps. When an iOS version of this was released in September, 2009, many Japanese changed to iPhone from futurephone to use this. And the Sekai Camera iOS version broke through 100,000 downloading in four days after it was released. They were cool speed and numbers in those days. Afterwards, Many geolocation apps and AR apps were developed in Japan. Unfortunately they have been overtaken by rivals of the late departure, but Sekai Camera affected many startups.

By the way, what is Takahito Iguchi doing now? He resigns as Tonchidot CEO in December, 2011, establishes new company Telepathy and develops a wearable device Telepathy One.

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