Glu Mobile tied up with Japanese mobile game company Colopl

Today, Colopl, one of the most successful Japanese mobile game company announced that they tied up with Glu Mobile. They release each other's mobile games in Japan and North America.

Colopl is still low in the popularity in foreign countries, but have been already known as one of the main mobile game companies in Japan. Originally they were known as a company of geolocation sosial game for futurephone "Colony Life(コロニーな生活)". It was still a popular game, but they started development of the game apps for smartphones in September, 2011. As a result, this strategy succeeded. Each their apps are high quality, and reputation is good. Particularly, quiz RPG "The World of Mystic Wiz" got the biggest success.

This has already broken through 15 million downloading only in Japan and gets 1 million downloading newly every two weeks. Furthermore, not only the Japanese version but also the Korean version and English version were released, and won game of the Year 2013 in Google Play Best of 2013. Now, the Japanese TV channels broadcast CM of this many times.

Colopl released some of their games by themself in foreign countries until now. However, they quicken the speed from now on in cooperation with Glu Mobile. On the other hand, they localize games of Glu Mobile for Japanese users and release them. This business tie-up is publishing-exchange of the games in the North America and Japan.

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