Japanese funny Flash anime Eagle Talon is broadcasted in the U.S.

Yesterday, Japanese Flash anime production company DLE entertainment announced the tie-up with U.S. TV company United Television Broadcasting Systems(UTB). They broadcast Flash anime Eagle Talon in UTB from the end of this week.

DLE is a pioneer of the Flash anime production in Japan. Particularly, Eagle Talon produced from 2006 is their masterpiece. It was shown at every place such as TV, Web and movie. Furthermore, It collaborated with contents of other companies, characters, companies, local governments and appeared in virtual worlds, social games, mobile games, smartphone apps.

Eagle Talon is an absurd comedy anime. Members of a weak secret society plotting world conquest create a funny disturbance every time. DLE has already established subsidiary DLE Amarica in the Silicon Valley, but goes into the U.S. market in earnest triggered by broadcast in UTB. Furthermore, they intend to carry out the development of the character business in the future.

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