DeNA entered the education-related business

DeNA begins the business except the social game.

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A new genre was added to them today. It is education. They released education business for children "Applizemi".

They offer a digital textbook to children through apps of Applizemi regularly. Of course their social game know-how is utilized in this, but it's not F2P. It's monthly subscription and charges are 980 yen every month. At first they contribute this in free of charge as a trial until June, 2014. They begin with national language, arithmetic and English digital texts for primary schoolchildren, and release the digital text of the junior high school and high school student in the future.

This is a Japanese traditional correspondence education. After a school was over, many Japanese children go to the private supplementary school, and even a correspondence education studies more at home. In addition, adults study for various qualification by a correspondence education, too. However, they are textbooks of the paper and sent to the home with a parcel every month. Now, It's the 21st century! :D All of them can replace with smartphone, tablet and apps. Probably DeNA aims at it.

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