DeNA CEO Moriyasu talked about a hard fight of DeNA in TV program

DeNA CEO Isao Moriyasu appeared in Japanese business TV program Nikkei Plus 10 only a few minutes ago. The theme of the program was "the social game has a hard fight". Very biting :)

MCs commented, "The social games of Mobage of DeNA were very popular before. However, all current Japanese youths have a smartphone, and they play game apps of LINE GAME or Puzzle & Dragons." MC asked comment to Moriyasu about this.(Very biting :D)

Moriyasu said, "The cause that we have a hard fight is difference between futurephone and smartphone." "We were behind with smartphone measures. Smartphone shift advanced faster than our expectation in Japan." "Puzzle & Dragons, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga are good games. We wanted to develop these earlier :)" "We develop 60 new games in Japan and 20 new games in foreign countries from now on. There may be too many them. However, all games do not make a hit. These are numbers including them." "Our e-comic apps "Manga Box" is popular. We have already broken through 100,000 downloading."

Probably DeNA makes efforts in new game for smartphones development  and starts service except the game. Provides various services centering on a game … It resembles a strategy of the messaging apps. Messaging apps provides various services centering on a message. That reminds me DeNA releases a lot of  casual game apps and action game apps recently. They are genres of popularity on a game platform of the messaging apps. DeNA may consider LINE to be a rival.

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