Miraculous collaboration: Nameko and Tamagocchi sell tie-up game

This is miraculous collaboration for a pet upbringing game. Tamagocchi is a pioneer of the pet game, and new models are still released. Characters of Tamagocchi become anime and various goods, and it is very popular among young girls. Bandai combines the pioneer of the pet game with current popular character. This is "Namekocchi".

Current Tamagocchi becomes the cartridge system. When the girls attach cartridge parts called "Tama Deco Pierce" to the main body of Tamagocchi, they can enjoy various attached contents. Bandai releases Nameko version of Tama Deco Pierce in January, 2014.

Players can bring up characters of Tamagocchi of the Nameko version, pull a sacred lot and play a mini-games by using this. Nameko version of Tama Deco Pierce is 1,260yen(about 12USD).

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