[Social Good] Japanese bitcoin market collects bitcoin donations for Japan's Kyushu earthquake

I wrote it about donation activity in Japan's Kyushu earthquake yesterday.

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A more interesting movement happens in Japan. Japanese bitcoin exchange market Coincheck started Kyushu Earthquake Bitcoin Relief Fund.


We can donate bitcoin through Coincheck, and donations will be converted to Japanese yen and given to Peace Winds Japan (PWJ), an organization dedicated to providing emergency humanitarian assistance, disaster relief activities, and reconstruction assistance. Coincheck collected 27.6766B from 179 users now. When exchanging it to Japanese at a current rate, it's 1,300,000yen(about 12,000USD). They continue this activity until June 5.

We understand that the charity activity and revival activity in Japan changes rapidly in only five years. Please remember 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami those days, cloud funding was not common, and bitcoin did not exist in those days, furthermore, the people did not use the messaging apps! Technology and the action of people change in only five years.

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