Collaboration of Angry Birds and Puzzle & Dragons began today

Today, GungHo started collaboration with Angry Birds in their popular mobile game Puzzle & Dragons.

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News Flash:Japanese mobile game Puzzle & Dragons cooperates with Angry Birds

Until December 1, dungeon of Angry Birds appear in Puzzle &Dragons.

Cute! Though they appear as enemies, they laugh.

When we beat them, they rarely drop an egg.

Birds are born from the egg, and we can make them a friend. This system of Puzzle & Dragons match a concept of Angry Birds. I think that they should have made collaboration earlier.

In addition, I cannot convey it in these screenshot, it's BGM to be the coolest in this collaboration. The music of Angry Birds is completely reproduced in Puzzle & Dragons. This can be called the collaboration of Kenji Ito and Ari Pulkkinen.

In addition, Rovio holds an illustration contest of Angry Birds to this. Let's check a hashtag "#バードとドラゴン" in Twitter! You can watch hot illustration of Japanese gamers. These are those parts.

大好きなゲーム同士のコラボって本当に嬉しいですよね!実装日が本当に楽しみです。 #バードとドラゴン... on Twitpic

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