News Flash:Japanese mobile game Puzzle & Dragons cooperates with Angry Birds

Japan's GungHo seems to be considerably interested in a Finnish mobile game market. According to the blog of Rovio, Japanese mobile game Puzzle & Dragons cooperates with Angry Birds. Well, it's their usual "Cross-Collaboration". The Angry Birds themed limited-time dungeon will be available in Puzzle & Dragons from November 18th - December 1st.

I think this to be a good opportunity and timing. Puzzle & Dragons is popular so as to break through 20 million downloading in Japan. However, in abroad, there is not the popularity like Japan. In addition, the growth rate in Japan is slowing down, too. Probably tens of millions of downloading are limits in a Japanese market of a population of 120 million people. On the other hand, unfortunately Angry Birds does not have popularity in Japan. The ranking is low and the goods do not sell, too (About the goods, probably because there are too many rivals in Japan. Like a LINE characters and Nameko). This Cross-Collaboration is carried out in global. This will be a good chance raising each other's recognition.

By the way, it is the second time that Puzzle & Dragons cooperates with a Finnish mobile game.

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After this, what happened to Supercell? Current Masayoshi Son can really carry it out.

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