Escape from Japan: GungHo may move the head office to Finland

According to The Wall Street Journal JP verTaizo Son, the chairperson of Japanese game company GungHo(Developer of Puzzle and Dragons) is going to let their head office move to Finland. They have already pushed forward preliminary investigation about it.
GungHo and SoftBank purchased Supercell last month, and Collaboration of Puzzle and Dragons and Angry Birds begins from next week.

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However, the reason is not only them. They pay attention to the lower corporation tax in Finland and excellent entrepreneurship.

This is the fact that is not known very much, Japanese IT industry, contents industry and game industry do not receive help from the Japanese Government at all. Rather the Japanese Government are causing trouble for them. Politicians smash up innovation by regulation. "Envy is the companion of honour". Most of the Japanese politicians are stupid old men(Japan slips further to 105th in gender equality ranking. Ha! :P). They can understand neither the technology nor the POP culture nor the innovation. It is “Complete Gacha” (Kompu Gacha) to be new in memory in their worthless regulation.

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A lot of Japanese mobile social game companies lost profit for this worthless regulation. Though a mobile social game is business growing up most in Japan, politicians cannot understand it.

Then why do Japanese companies not run away from Japan? There are many reasons, but the first problem is language ability. Japanese people are poor at a foreign language somehow. However, there is no reason why we must shut ourself up in Japan if we can overcome even it first of all.

I support examination of GungHo.

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