Is Japanese sea fight simulation game Kan Colle a militaristic outcome?

I wrote it several times about Japanese sea fight simulation web game "Kan Colle". It has already broken through 1 million users with popularity now. And the active users rate does not fall, the administration team is very busy with the server reinforcement.

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By the way, a motif of Kan Colle is battleships of the Japanese empire navy. Many battleships are personified by cute girls and appear, and It's a popular source:) Because they were too cute, there are the Kan Colle goods of every kind in Japan now. This business model is the just same as Angry Birds and Nameko Saibai Kit.

However, it have a problem. Japan was a major country of the axis Powers and made colonial rule in Asian countries. About Kan Colle, how will Allies and the Asian countries think?

About this, opinion came up at once from Korea. Mr.Kim writes it in Korean site hankooki,

"Why will we often witness such a thing in Japanese society? Because Japanese society becomes turning to the right wing. Long-term economy slump, an aging society, disappointment for the politics would act. It is an big earthquake of March 11, 2011 to have caused such society uneasiness. Japan after 3.11 becomes strong in groupism and a sense of victimization that everybody must unite firmly before the crisis."

How do you think? Do you think popularity of Kan Colle connected Japan's right-wing? Part of indication of Mr.Kim is right. Surely, people of the right wing increase in current Japan. They expect the rearmament of Japan and insist on the rejection of the foreigner(Yes, they are fuckin' stupid). However, is it only Japan? I saw some news similar to this in an overseas news site. Similar stupid seems to increase in North America and Europe. When the world is depressed, the stupid people become the right-wing. This is similar just before World War II. Therefore I can understand that Mr.Kim feels uneasy about it.

However, Why is only Japan in this way?

I think that players of Kan Colle enjoy it regardless of war and thought. They only love a game system and characters purely. The people who were interested for a battleships because of Kan Colle increased, and books and models about battleships sell well, too. However, the people purchasing them come from a pure desire to learn.

By the way, the Kan Colle popularity seems to be handed down to Korea, and earnest Korean gamers made Kan Colle Korean BBS. Though Kan Colle does only Japanese support, they play eagerly and discuss the capture method.

How about another country invaded by Japan? Taiwan was the colony where the rule by Japan was pushed forward most.

via http://ascii.jp/elem/000/000/841/841301/

:D :D :D

Clearly Taiwanese enjoys Kan Colle! :) Even if they are what kind of motifs, fun contents and the cute girls bring world peace.

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