LINE broke through 300 million users at last

Today, Users of LINE  broke through 300 million at last. They start service in June, 2011 and get many users now in East Asia, Spanish zone, France, Germany, Italy, India and Turkey.

Interestingly, 80% of LINE users are not Japanese. Usually, Messaging apps has a hard time  with the acquisition of users except the own country. However, LINE got foreign users more than Japanese users in a short term. Particularly, there are many LINE users in Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Spain and India. They got 10 million users in India in only three months.

They showed infographics. (Big size is here)

According to this, Messages and the stickers transmitted in 1 day are about 7,200 million times, Stickers was used about 216 billion times, and the total of the call time is about 568 years!

What is a foundation of LINE's popularity? Now, there are a lot of messaging apps all over the world, but what is the difference between them and LINE? According to them, most popular stickers are these.

Well, all of them are LINE characters! They pull profit of LNE. Sales of stickers, sales of real goods, and character license.

LINE aims at the acquisition of 500 million users in 2014.

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