Cute social music service Beatrobo evolved and cooperated with Linkin Park

Before, I wrote about Japanese social music service Beatrobo.

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It passed from release for one year, and greatly evolved. The design became more pop, released smartphone apps version(iOS/Windows), and develop earphone plug type device "PlugAir".

This is a device that link with a smartphone, users can play movie and music from the Internet just to put this in a smartphone. At first, this was a name "BeatPlug" and had a shape of the robot(It's an avatar of Beatrobo). However, they omitted "Beat" because they examine the share of contents except the music. Furthermore, the shape became simple.

PlugAir had not been yet released officially, but they tied up with universal music. And they sell a new number of Linkin Park using PlugAir! Fans of Linkin Park can listen it with a smartphone using PlugAir and lend it to their friend. Well, PlugAir is a tool for recommendation and word of mouth.It makes us feel good old days. It's like the music tape :)

By the way, Beatrobo CEO Hiroshi Asaeda is BETTER at English than me. Please ask Asaeda directly if interested in their business.


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