SEGA's mobile game "Puyo puyo Quest" became the arcade game

SEGA released an arcade version of their popular mobile game Puyo puyo Quest. This is the game apps that added the element of the RPG to their popular puzzle game Puyo puyo...well, It's a method of puzzle & Dragons. However, it makes a big hit in Japan and has already broken through 5 million downloading.

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They develop this in not only the smartphone but also the game arcade.

An interesting point of this is to be F2P though it is an arcade game. This is the first time that an arcade machine of F2P is released in Japan. Players play a game while using game point "Genki(Stamina)" in Puyo puyo Quest arcade. Genki is restored by progress at time, but players must charge coins when they play in succession. Furthermore, this copes with an online play, players can play a game with other players in Japan. This is a system of the social game definitely. SEGA seems to want to scatter Puyo puyo Quest to the people who do not have a smartphone(For example, small children and elderly people).

In addition, KONAMI did the thing like this in Doragon Collection, too.

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