DeNA has not yet given up messaging apps

After a hit of LINE, the many Japanese companies released messaging apps, but they were not able to win in LINE.

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DeNA was those one company. They released messaging apps Comm, but there is not the popularity at all for the moment. Therefore DeNA released newer messaging apps "Mobage Chat".

What is the difference between Comm and Mobage Chat? DeNA explains that a message function of Mobage becomes the basis in Mobage Chat. Comm was a real name system and different from Mobage. On the other hand, Mobage Chat is service for users playing various social games in Mobage.Mobage users can communicate with other users in Mobage Chat while logging in to a game. Furthermore, there are chat rooms and the stickers of every game, too. So to speak, Mobage Chat is messaging apps for social game users.

By the way, hit games do not appear from Mobage recently and according to their settlement of accounts, the business results of DeNA fall. Will Mobage Chat help them?

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