Finnish mobile games attack the Japanese market, even in LINE GAME

Recently, I see many articles of Finnish game & IT industries in the Japanese Web media. Is it influence of SoftBank and Supercell? Anyway, the attention degree to Finland rises in the Japanese Tech industry. Possibly LINE aimed at this timing. They released action game "LINE Dongurissu" in their mobile game platform LINE GAME.

Well, this is This is LINE version of "Noble Nutlings" which Finnish startup Boomlagoon developed. LINE released only Japanese and Korean mobile games until now. This is the first time that they release a European game. What does Dongurissu mean? It's a Japanese coined word. "Donguri" means an acorn and "Risu" means a squirrel in Japanese.

What is different from an original? At first, all the texts are Japanese. They are not literal translations, and expressed with slang only by Japanese. they are natural and comical.

Furthermore, there are a lot of charging items and the play number of times per once is limited by five times. Okay, it's charging! The Japanese is used to charging from mobile. So, this is an effective method.
They are going to release the LINE ticker in future. This is one of the popular sources of LINE.

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