Social Good: Social game for iOS which can contribute stationery to Cambodian children "Social Angel"

This is one of social good examples. The Japanese and Cambodian entrepreneurs released social game apps for iOS "Social Angel" which could contribute stationery to Cambodian children. Facebook page is here.

Social Angel is a fantasy card battle of the Japanese style. But there is no Gacha. On the other hand, players contribute art supplies and summon angel cards, and the contributions are contributed to Cambodian children. This can be called gamification of the contribution.

Cambodian children drew the illustration of cards. The kinds of cards are more than 200. Players can check the profile of children who drew an illustration from cards. Birthday, future dream, character, what kind of life do they usually live?

Japanese entrepreneur Hidetaka Nakamura and Cambodian entrepreneur Cleomora Momz planned this. They raise development funds in Japanese crowd funding platform Campfire, but The game development was completed before arriving at the aim amount of money. Cambodian engineers performed all development. We can watch photos of them and children in a page of Campfire.

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