[TGS 2013] The smallest booth, only one game apps, and a lot of booth babes! --Geisha Tokyo Entertainment

On September 19 - 22, Tokyo Game Show 2013(TGS2013) was held at Chiba, Makuhari Messe. This expanded the scale every year, and the number of this exhibitors was the most. The recent tendency is that there becomes much exhibition of mobile social games. They were completely familiar this year.

Meanwhile, there was the company that became a topic by only one game apps and smallest booth. This is Geisha Tokyo Entertainment. They exhibited only iOS game apps "Brain Training Quest 2"(It is the sequel to this). Usually, such a booth is not looked at. However, they became the big topic in Twitter at the moment when the first day of TGS 2013 began. Why?

Yes! a lot of sexy booth babes!

There are a lot of sexy booth babes in TGS. However, usually, there are most of them in the big booth of the big company. Companies exhibiting in a small booth do not have enough expenses to allot for personnel expenses.

However, Geisha Tokyo Entertainment mobilized booth babes of 30 people for only one game apps. This is unprecedented in a history of TGS. The population density per 1 booth was biggest! :)

Of course we were able to play a game in a booth. However, all booth babes cheered us while we played a game "Go for it! Go for it!". It is very embarrassed! :D Therefore I fired mistakes.

In addition, many photographers arrive to TGS to photograph such booth babes, but they exhibited only on a business day(therefore they became the topic still more). Their personnel expenses might be high, but would be proper for an advertising cost.

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